UA Instagrants

UA Instagrants

💸 Up to $10k to Build on Solana

Kumeka Team now supports Solana Foundation Grants. These are grants for projects working on promoting decentralization and censorship resistance on the Solana network.

Even though the primary focus of the grants is to fund dApps and technical contributions, the Foundation may also support content and community grants that fit within the stated goals of the Grant program. Anyone with an idea or proof of work is welcome to apply and receive a funding decision for a $1 - $10,000 grant. The Solana Foundation hands out these grants typically once a month.

🎯 Areas of focus:

  1. Promote Decentralization. Create developer tooling, media, content, and community projects focused on promoting and bringing more decentralization to Solana as well as the world at large.
  2. Make Solana more censorship-resistant. Primarily technical projects and code contributions that can help us make Solana the most censorship resistance platform for building dApps on.
  3. DAO Tooling: Create coordination, communication, and payment tools for communities using Solana as the backbone of their infrastructure.
  4. Education: Create media, programs, events, initiatives, etc., to onboard users, earners, and builders to crypto and Solana.
  5. Developer Tooling: Create tools, programs, and hacks making it easier and faster for engineers to build the next generation of dApps on Solana.
  6. Payments: Build payment apps for consumers and businesses, making P2P payments, as well as commerce, better integrated with the crypto ecosystem using Solana Pay.
  7. Cause-driven building: We’re also looking to fund projects and research around using crypto to create a more inclusive financial system, and innovative solutions towards climate change.

You can read more about some specific RFPs here as well.

📥 Apply for an Instagrant now!


The Solana Foundation receives tens of applications every week, and may not have the time to give detailed feedback on every application. Please keep that in mind before you apply.

⚙️ How It Works:

  1. Submit the application form (5 minutes).
  2. The Solana Foundation does their best to respond within ~72 hours.
  3. If approved, you'll receive an email notification for onboarding and further steps, and 25% of your requested funding in your SOL wallet will soon follow in our next payout.
  4. Update the community once a week on your progress.
  5. As you achieve your self-described milestones, receive the rest of your funding.
  6. Submit finished work for feedback, review, and distribution.

🤝 Guidelines

  1. Be Concise: Being clear and concise is always helpful.
  2. Build what the ecosystem needs: Besides our Grant Proposals, we often see people on Twitter (and elsewhere) saying things like "Solana needs X" or "Solana would be better if it had Y". Use this information!
  3. Open Source: Being clear and concise is always helpful. What makes decentralized applications so powerful is that it’s built on the premise of being open and composable. Therefore, this grant supports teams that intend to open source soon after deploying on Solana’s Mainnet Beta.

Frequently Asked Questions

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