Become a Kumeka Team Member
Become a Kumeka Team Member

Become a Kumeka Team Member

Unlike many other DAOs, Kumeka Team is a merit-focused community. There is no token you can buy to gain access. Instead, we require all participants in our community to work their way in. Below you’ll find details on the tiers within our community and how you can get involved.

Learner [Level 1]

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our community as a Learner. We particularly welcome those who are crypto-curious and want to better understand the wild world of Web3. As a Learner, you’ll be a part of our Discord server and get access to a few discussion channels, including the #earn, and #proof-of-work channels.

How to Become a Learner:

Benefits of Becoming a Learner:

  • Access to public channels on Discord
  • First to See New Earning Opportunities
  • Participate in Community calls
  • Weekly technical office hours

Members [Level 2]

Members are the heart and soul of Kumeka Team. They are the best of the best, distinguished by their proven ability to help other projects. With respect to Dunbar’s Number, we purposefully maintain a limited amount of spots (~150) for Members.

As a Member, you’ll have full access to the Kumek Team community. Most contributors use this as leverage to build their Web3 credentials and meet some of the most thoughtful minds in their local crypto scene.

Benefits of Becoming a Superteam UK Member:

  • Welcome Merch pack
  • Full Discord Access
  • Participate in the Superteam Members Calls
  • Exclusive access to IRL and Online Events (like the Solana Hacker Houses)
  • Access to Special Earning Opportunities
  • Amplification through Superteam Twitter accounts
  • RPC support from development to production
  • Access to infrastructure and other key partners

How to Become a Superteam UK Member:

  • Win at a Demo Day / Hackathon Each person of a team that won podium positions at a Demo Day or Hackathon.
  • Win an Instagrant Those who won an instagrant are invited to onboard as a member. Winning an instagrant means a team or learner had a compelling idea, presented it persuasively, and showed the potential to execute it.
  • Win a Bounty Each person who completes a bounty on the Kumeka team bounty board (coming soon) will be invited to join as a member.
  • Open Source Proof of Work Those who have demonstrated contribution to open source codebases within the solana ecosystem are invited to join as members. This proof of work shows your belief in the overall mission of Solana, and we consider you a fren.
  • Contribution to Kumeka Team Learners who contribute to Kumeka Team will be invited to onboard as a member. This can be any kind of meaningful contribution, such as design, marketing, content, top-tier memes, event organizing, etc. This category recognizes the functions and people that fall outside the developer category.