KUMEKATHON! Ukrainian Solana Hackathon (EN)
KUMEKATHON! Ukrainian Solana Hackathon (EN)

KUMEKATHON! Ukrainian Solana Hackathon (EN)

Launch Your Breakthrough Web3 Project on Solana Blockchain


Be part of East Europe’s largest web3 event — UA Blockchain Week '24 by Incrypted


What Are We Doing?

Our goal remains the same: to create a breakthrough web3 startup loved by the Ukrainian and global web3 community. Focus on a working business model and interaction with the Solana blockchain or its ecosystem. 🦾

Recommended Tracks

DeFi & Payments
DAO & Communities
Consumer Apps
Secret track


We do not limit teams and projects
Feel free to bring and develop any idea in any direction.
Submit new projects and the ones you've been nurturing for a long time
We can only advise on the direction of work and development


Kumeka Team, Solana Foundation, and hackathon partners are preparing:

🏆 $200,000 in prizes, grants, and seed funding distributed among winners.

The amount will be distributed among the winners. Wait for the details!

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🏅 Project Pitching at Ukrainian Blockchain Week '24

We will select the hackathon finalists who will be able to present their projects at the Solana Kumekathon Meetup on June 21, 2024. A large Ukrainian web3 audience will see you!

🚀 Media Support from Incrypted worth $10,000

The entire crypto community will be buzzing about you. The winner and two runners-up will receive media support totaling $10,000 from UBWʼ24 organizer Incrypted.

🔥 Pitching to Solana Foundation Top Management

Didn't we tell you that the global web3 community will find out about you? A more interesting business model means more chances to raise investments directly from the ecosystem!


👥 Join our community on Discord or Telegram.

When and How?

  • June 14-20, 2024
  • Register and submit projects via pitchtalk.com. Participation is possible online from anywhere in the world
  • Winners will be announced on June 23 at the main Incrypted conference.
  • June 21: Finalists will present at the Solana Kumekathon Meetup in Kyiv.
The start of the hackathon: June 14, ʼ24
Deadline for project submission: June 20, ʼ24 at 13:00 Kyiv time
Registration: Pitchtalk
Prizes: up to $200K in prizes, grants, and seed funding; and others
Announcement of the winners: June 23 at UBW’24 Conf
Kumeka Team co-founders: Mark & Andrew

Participation Conditions for Kumekathon!

Here are the answers to your questions:

  1. Projects that use Solana in any way to create solutions and experiment with blockchain technology, integrate Solana into their product, or interact with the Solana blockchain or ecosystem to generate new ideas are eligible to participate in the hackathon.
  2. We welcome ALL participants of the Solana Renaissance hackathon. This is another chance to present your project and show progress since Solana Renaissance
  3. We also welcome new projects and teams.
  4. You can participate in the hackathon from anywhere in the world.
  5. The tracks we provide are optional. You can consider them or not
  6. The project can be at any stage of readiness.
  7. It is very important to prepare a business model. Pay significant attention to this
  8. To submit a project, you need to create a video presentation similar to Solana Renaissance. You can do it in Ukrainian. The recommended video length is up to 5 minutes
  9. Code is also important—ensure the technical implementation of the project


What Should Be in the Project Presentation?
Do I Need to Be in Ukraine to Participate in Kumekathon?
What Are the Project Evaluation Criteria?
How Does the Project Submission Procedure Work?
How to Submit a Project on the Pitchtalk Platform?
Can a Project from the Solana Renaissance Hackathon Participate in Kumekathon?
What Is the Submission Deadline for Kumekathon?
Who from Solana Foundation Will Attend the Project Presentations?

📅 Розклад

27.05 - 19.06
14.06 - 20.06

KUMEKATHON! Partners & Sponsors

See you at Ukrainian Blockchain Week’24!

Solana Community Meetup by Kumeka Team & Incrypted